ZXL-FPED Shuttle Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
1.The metal fiber laser cutting machine adopts gantry type structure with precision ball screw/ rack and pinion and linear guide drive .
2.Using German fiber laser technology, ensuring the machine tool is not deformed for 20 years, and the critical components are 100,000 hours life
3.Gantry type fiber laser cutting machine has strong stability, to ensure accuracy and the efficiency of processing
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Product Description


PowerFiber Laser Cutting MachineCO2 Laser Cutting Machine
Carbon Steel Cutting ThicknessStainless Steel Cutting ThicknessAluminum Alloy Cutting ThicknessCarbon Steel Cutting ThicknessStainless Steel Cutting ThicknessAluminum Alloy Cutting Thickness


Product Namelaser cutting machine
Fiber Laser Power500W/700W/1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W
StrokeX axis3000/4000/6000mm
Y axis1500/2000mm
Z axis120mm
Moving SpeedX axis60m/min
Y axis60m/min
Z axis20m/min
AccuracyX/Y axis position accuracy±0.03mm
X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy±0.02mm
The exact process range can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements.



1. High output power, 500-5000W is optional.

2. Adopting gantry type structure with precision ball screw(Or Taiwan YY gear rack) and linear guide drive to ensure accuracy of machine tools.

3. Adopting Switzerland advanced laser cutting head, position precisely, avoid undulate plate deformation, then gets qualified cutting seam.

4. Adopting advanced laser, stable performance, the useful life of key parts can reach 100 thousand hours.

5. Independent visual operating station, can adopt any place.

6. Low Processing costs, saving water, electricity and gas.




Zhouxiang is professional laser cutting machine supplier in China. We produce high quality and high precision fiber laser cutting machine and exported over 30+ countries. If you are interested in ourproducts and require our laser cutting machine price, please contact us. 

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