ZXL-FPC Metal Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
1.The metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine can cut a plurality of cylinder with different direction, different diameter of intersecting line hole, meet the vertical axis and axis condition branch director and no eccentric
2.The machine can also cut cylinder intersection line at the end of branch pipe,meet the pipe axis and the eccentric and no eccentric director axis intersecting condition
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Product Description



Laser Power500W/700W/1000W/1500W/2000W
Laser ModelImported Fiber Laser
Pipe Cutting Length≤3000mm≤6000mm≤9000mm
Square Pipe Clamp Range35-105mm
Pipe Clamp Range35-155mm
Pipe Thickness0.5-8mm(Carbon Steel)0.5-5mm(Stainless Steel)
Laser Line Width0.15mm
Location Precision±0.08mm
repeat positioning accuracy±0.04mm
Cooling WayWater Cooling 



Product Features


1. High output power, 500-2000 watts is optional.

2. Can cut inclined truncation surface at the end of tubes.

3. Can cut intersection line of branch pipe, which is intersected with circular main pipe.

4. Can cut off square pipes and do 360 degree turning cutting.

5. Can cut square holes, waist type holes on tubes.

6. Can do various graphic cut on square tube, oval tube, U tube and rectangular tube etc.




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