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Technological innovation, smarter fully automatic CNC tube laser cutting machine


Technological innovation, smarter fully automatic CNC tube laser cutting machine

With the maturity of modern industrial automation technology, intelligent manufacturing, which is characterized by the accelerated integration of information technology and manufacturing, has become the main trend of global manufacturing development. The concept of intelligent manufacturing has been mentioned numerous times. Zhouxiang Laser responded to the 2025 plan of China Manufacturing, and completely designed a new generation of automatic CNC laser cutting tube artifact - large diameter tube laser cutting machine.

Product features

1. The diameter of the cutting pipe reaches 20-220MM, the length of the pipe reaches 9 meters, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. All-round protective cover design, perfect dust removal facilities, effectively block laser radiation, good safety, worry-free operation


3. Advanced chuck clamping back system, can automatically clamp the cross-section pipe automatically, automatically adjust


4. The laser pipe cutting machine adopts imported special pipe cutting software, which has the core technology of efficient cutting, which is the fundamental guarantee for effectively saving materials and improving cutting efficiency.

5. When the contour jumps, the action is soft and smooth, which can effectively improve cutting efficiency, save cutting time and reduce cost.

6. Large diameter laser pipe cutting machine can meet the cutting of C steel and L steel

7. For rectangular tubes, you can find the four sides and accurately position them. Separate cornering process to increase work efficiency

8. According to customer needs, three chucks can save cutting materials

9. The feeding frame follows the control system to ensure the rotation stability of the ultra-long thin tube

10. Bus integrated control system, anti-interference is more stable

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